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Mounting advertising boards with ZMount


With ZMount you can mount any advertising board to any double wire panel fence, there is not any size or dimension you have to check. ZMount can be used always and everywhere, not in the least because of its lightning fast drill template (included). A bit less luxurious than the other Sponsorbolt clamps perhaps, but the ZMount value comes predominantly from its very much solid simplicity.

€ 4,95

Per clamp, per 50 clamps in a box, incl. mounting accessories, excl. VAT and shipping (for about 25 metres of advertising board)

Material of the ZMount advertising board clamp
ZMount is the straight forward brother of BetaMount, BetaMount is the versatile clamp which you can use to mount advertising boards, information- and warning signs on to multiple fences, fences that are best known in Belgium.


ZMount advertising board clamps are to be used on double wire panel fences. The ZMount product is made from light but solid European steel, further nothing fancy. The steel of this advertising board mounting clamp is covered with an impressive anti-corrosion layer which discolours-by-design. ZMount is mounted in the double wire panel fence construction, therefor hardly visible. The ZMount product is made from 2 mm plated steel, and like all other Sponsorbolt products completely fibration free.

By default the ZMount advertising board mounting system is protected by galvanisation, which means that its zinq layer determines the colour of the very product, a kind of silver-ish grey. But, if you check our information page you’ll discover much more finishing options when ordering ZMount. ZMount can be powdercoated in any RAL colour shade, and ZMount can also be finished with many textures and varnish layers.

The Z-Mount mounting template
The ZMount advertising board mounting system is supplied with a free yet very smart mounting template. Very handy when you like to mount your advertising boards straight in line and fibration free. Put your advertising board in front of your double wire panel, position the mounting template on your board, drill a hole in the board as indicated, and start mounting! Mounting boards in bad weather? You can buy the waterproof version of the ZMount template in our shop.


Experience Box

You like to try ZMount first at a very reasonable price? Every Sponsorbolt product comes with an Experience Box, a small sample kit that fits any mail box. All Sponsorbolt Experience Boxes are smart designed products. With 1 Experience Box you can at least mount 1 advertising board. Show the clamp of your choice to the board members of your club, and see how ZMount attracts sponsors immediately. Here you order the ZMount Experience Box directly.

Demo field Deventer
Or would you first like to see how the features of our advertising board mounting system contribute to your daily field management? Well, that is also possible! Come and visit us in the historic ‘Hanze’ city of Deventer. Our demo field is directly located right along the banks of the river IJssel. Call us to make an appointment, and we’ll meet up soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel county, in one of the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands.


Sponsorbolt whitepaper

A new vision on to the future of advertising boards? In our free to download whitepaper you’ll find 3 tips about how to manage your advertising board management as cheap, as easy, and as sustainable as possible. Currently our whitepaper is only available in Dutch.