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Mounting advertising boards on to double wire panel fences with RoundMount

Like with FlyMount, RoundMount carries your advertising boards all along the fence poles. With RoundMount you can hang all your advertising boards seamlessly close to eahcother, any non-stop length you desire. Or do you prefer to keep your boards between the poles of your fence? That of course is possible too! With RoundMount you mount all your advertising boards, to any double wire panel, no assistance needed. RoundMount is only available from a single order of 250 clamps.


Per clamp, 250 clamps in a single order, incl. mounting accessories, excl. VAT en shipping

Mounting advertising boards of any height, length, or diameter

RoundMount is the lightweight family friend of FlyMount. You can mount advertising boards of any length, because RoundMount clamps guide your boards all along the fence poles. Nothing you have to check or measure, RoundMount always matches any variety of the double wire panel fence, together with any height, length, or diameter advertising board. If your board is 61 cm (H21) or lower then RoundMount is automatically set at the right height.

Material of the RoundMount advertising board clamp

RoundMount clamps are made of high-end European steel. The steel is covered with an impressive anti-corrosion layer, intended to discolour a bit, matching the looks of your galvanised double wire panels over time, still protecting your Sponsorbolt clamp from corrosion. RoundMount advertising board clamps are made from 2 mm plated steel. Its characteristic shape offers this clamp its unique functionality. Sturdy at an affordable price.

Non-stop printed advertising boards

RoundMount guides your advertising boards all along the standard 60 mm fence poles, thus providing your sponsors a non-stop brand image. RoundMount makes it possible to join all your advertising boards together. In this way RoundMount offers your sponsors the opportunity to express their messages no matter what length it is. Or do like to separate your boards from eachother? That of course is possible too with RoundMount.

Self-levelling clamp jaw

RoundMount clamps are equipped with a self-levelling clamp jaw, advertising boards up to 10 mm in diameter can be set infinitely adjustable. The self-levelling jaw of RoundMount will clamp any standard advertising board automatically. Even if you lift up the board to put it in the RoundMount clamping jaw, the board holds itself up without being truly tightened. Very handy!


RoundMount is equipped with the exclusive hexafix lock, a design feature introduced by Sponsorbolt. Using the hexafix lock means fast fixation of the RoundMount clamp at any desired height. The Hexafix lock might not be as swift as the FlyMount HIGHLOW system, but it is still very easy to use all the same. Thanks to the hexalock feature RoundMount fits any double wire panel fence.

Safety at the sportsfield

Where FlyMount keeps its advertising board clamped horizontally, RoundMount snaps its jaws vertically, more or less like a hook. The great advantage of RoundMount is that it needs less material in order to generate the same amount of clamping force. Small disadvantage is that RoundMount offers less frontal-safety than FlyMount. The visible board side clamped with RoundMount is not unsafe but less smooth than if it were clamped with FlyMount. A difference though, without much relevance when your sportsfields match KNVB regulations.

Experience Box

You like to try RoundMount first at a very reasonable price? Every Sponsorbolt product comes with a Experience Box, a small sample kit that fits any mail box. All Sponsorbolt Experience Boxes are smart designed products. With 1 Experience Box you can at least mount 1 advertising board. Show the clamp of your choice to the board members of your club, and see how RoundMount attracts sponsors immediately. Here you order the RoundMount Experience Box directly.

Show field Deventer

Or would you first like to see how the features of our advertising board mounting system contribute to your daily field management? Well, that is also possible! Come and visit us in the historic ‘Hanze’ city of Deventer. Our demo field is directly located right along the banks of the river IJssel. Call us to make an appointment, and we’ll meet up soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel county, in one of the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands.


A new vision into the future of advertising boards? In our free to download whitepaper you’ll find 3 tips about how to manage your advertising board management as cheap, as easy, and as sustainable as possible. Currently our whitepaper is only available in Dutch.