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Information when mounting advertising boards

FlyMount is a registered design patent, listed under BOiP | EUiPO file number 90189, Locarno classification 08-08


Mounting advertising boards with Sponsorbolt

On this information page you will find all the important documentation if you like to mount advertising boards on double wire panel fences with Sponsorbolt, start by taking a peak at the very handy product diagram here above (Dutch only).

New things for 2024!

The Shorty and the FlyMount 60 are here! We signed the Shorty and the 60 ("Sixty") in the fall of 2023 and just before the end of 2023 we received them as developed products. The FlyMount Shorty is the advertising board clamp that overtakes our first clamp from 2019, the CMount. Because where CMount can only clamp so-called H21 boards, the Shorty can handle all advertising board height dimensions. Order Shorty or FlyMount 60 now via our web shop!

With the arrival of the Shorty and the FlyMount 60, we look at the FlyMount series to be our benchmark clamps. Nothing works as smoothly, quickly and reliable as a clamp from the FlyMount series. And very affordable too. But, you may say, "what will you do with the remaining clamps?" Well, we discontinued RoundMount and ZMount, but CMount remains.
The alternative to RoundMount is the FlyMount 60 clamp. Unlike RoundMount, FlyMount 60 is sturdier, faster, and safer.
The alternative to ZMount is the BetaMount clamp. Above all, BetaMount is much faster and easier to use than ZMount. We can continue to supply RoundMount and ZMount though, but only when ordering volumes, from 250 clamps in a single order. 
Questions, remarques, other possibilities? Call our developer: + 31 (0)627-093799

Stackable system for mounting advertising boards

The Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system is available per box of 50 clamps. With 50 clamps you will be able to mount about 25 metres of advertising boards. The more sponsors your club attracts the more clamps you will need, but you don't have to purchase all these clamps instantly of course. If more sponsors like to support your club then you simply buy more clamps. And if sponsors are leaving then you simply take the clamps of your fences keeping them in stock for better times coming.

Experience Box
Every Sponsorbolt advertising board clamp has its own Experience Box. In that way every single sports club if offered the opportunity to pick the Sponsorbolt advertising board clamp of its choice. Every Experience Box contains the following parts:

•   6 x clamps of your favorite Sponsorbolt product
•   6 x mounting accessories
•   1 x specialised mounting tools (if relevant)

Automatic ordering module

You will find our automatic ordering module right next or below the webshop  - depending on the size of your screen in front of you. Thanks to this ordering module you will swiftly pick the right Sponsorbolt product for mounting your advertising boards to your double wire panel fences. For example, when you select our CMount product, then ordering through the module is the thing to go for anyway: select the diameter of your double wire fence, plus the dimensions of your advertising boards, then the ordering module will automatically set the right product configuration for you. That might sound a bit complex, but our experience tells us that in many situations this typical CMount configuration will serve your needs. It doesn't? Well then simply return your product to us.

Sponsorbolt in colour
Did you know that almost every Sponsorbolt clamp can be produced in the colour of your choice? The RAL colour palette is at your disposal, but we can also produce customized colour palettes, for example that typical brand colour of yours. Coloured clamps on a matching fence make a stunning combination. Coloured clamp are offered at an additional price of € 1,- per clamp, from 500 clamps in a single order.

Sponsorbolt UV print reproduction service

Sponsorolt advertising board mounting clamps can always be supplied with your favorite branding, like the logo of your club, company, or organisation. We true benefit of our reproduction method is that we use large UV printing machines. These machines will add all demanded colours of the design in one single stint, even white. This runs very quickly, thus saving time, and saving money. Our print reproduction service is available from € 1,- per clamp. Contact us for more information!

Special clamps for mounting advertising boards
You consider Sponsorbolt, but we do not offer the clamp of your choice? No problem. Tell us which clamp function you have in mind, and we’ll develop the right clamp for it. We only have 2 conditions before we start developping: your clamp has to be suitable for selling to other sports clubs, and these socalled ‘specials’ are only produced from 500 clamps in a single order. And, if the clamps makes it to the market, we can even supply you with the clamp from 250 clamps per order. Did you know that in this way RoundMount and BetaMount were created? Yes they were. Interested? Call Sponsorbolt R&D on: 31 (0) 627 - 093799.

Prevent advertising boards from warping

Lately we increasingly learn about warping advertising boards. Although Sponsorbolt is not related to the cause of this issue in any way, we sure like to help you out. From what we can tell, the cause of warping advertising boards is most likely embedded in the competitive market of HPL supplier pricing nowadays.

We have got three different solutions for you:

•  Option 1. This first option encourages you to have your advertising boards covered with printed sticker sheets on both of its sides - know that more than 80 percent of all Dutch signmakers already offer this opportunity for almost the same price. Double sided signing is the right choice anyway, because it will not disrupt the moisture balance of the fiber material inside the board panel - no matter what quality board you have chosen.

•  Option 2. The second option suggests to purchase the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system that keeps your panels close to the actual fence, such as FlyMount ShortyCMount, or ZMount. Often these products are also the most cost-efficient choice. Signing your advertising board single sided will cause the internal fibers to expand in the direction of the unsigned side, which will be the back side of the board. When you tighten your boards close to the fence, they will no longer be able to expand in that direction.

•  Option 3. This third option means that you always choose a Sponsorbolt product that clamps the signs tightly to the fence, for example with FlyMount Shorty, or CMount. With those clamps the advertising board material can no longer move in any direction.
Likewise, you can also benefit from FlyMount 60 clamps. With FlyMount 60, do not place your signs between the fence poles but along side of them. Then, warping boards are automatically kept in shape by the poles at the rear.

And by the way, slightly warped advertising boards will also become straight again; single sided signed advertising boards will straighten within half a year from the moment you sign them double sided, with or without printed artwork. And once slightly warped advertising boards will straighten up the moment you fixate them tight to the double wire panel fence.

Corrosion protected advertising board mounting clamps

You open the box with Sponsorbolt advertising board clamps and you see traces of corrosion on the sides of the clamps. Now what?
Well, nothing to worry about. Sponsorbolt clamps are made of a special type of metal that will regenerate itself. Traces of rust disappear over time, the metal will recondition itself.

Every single Sponsorbolt product is a product that can deal with outdoor conditions, a product that is used to be outside, a product that can withstand a wide range of handling procedures and climate conditions.


Here you'll find all available manuals that will support you when mounting advertising boards. But attention! The manuals for the ZMount and BetaMount product are lowres examples of the true manuals. These manuals function also as mounting templates.
Only a purchased template will serve you with the exact proper dimensions.

Manual Sponsorbolt LightMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt LightMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt LightMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt RoundMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt CMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)

Terms and conditions

Here you’ll find our generic business terms, and our Terms of delivery.

Terms of Delivery

Generic Terms (only in Dutch)


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. In this whitepaper you'll find new ways how to design your sporting grounds as easy, efficient, and sustainable as possible (only available in Dutch).



Here you'll find the Sponsorbolt documentation guiding all products now available. We do not offer product-individual sales documentation, except the documentation guiding the BetaMount product. The BetaMount clamp is also used for warning - and information signs covering multiple fencing varieties, not only the double wire panel fence.
The BetaMount product mainly covers the Belgian market, for that reason its documentation is offered bilingual, both in Dutch as well as in French.