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On this page you’ll find all important documentation about the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system, for example the manuals. All documents on this page are published as PDF files. The ZMount manual is the exception to the rule because this so very typical manual functions also as a mounting template. The slightest anomalies in the reproduction of this template will lead to ineffective mounting results of the ZMount advertising board mounting system. It is only for this reason that you can download the ZMount manual only as an example, not as a template. But you can order the original from our webshop.

About mounting advertising boards with Sponsorbolt


Here you’ll find all the manuals to the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting products.


Terms of delivery

Here you’ll find our generic business terms.


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. Follow the three steps Panel, Place, and Process, and turn your advertising board management into your sport club’s greatest victory! (only available in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt CMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)

Terms of delivery Sponsorbolt (only in Dutch)

Whitepaper Sponsorbolt (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt LightMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt RoundMount (only in Dutch)

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General terms and conditions (only in Dutch)

New things for 2023!


Unfortunately we had to start 2023 with a price increase of € 1,- per Sponsorbolt clamp…. But, we also managed to charge you less! How is this possible? With one box of Sponsorbolt clamps you used to be able to mount advertising boards along a whopping distance of 50 meters.
The new boxes represent 25 metres. 25 metres is still a lot of advertising board, thus giving smaller clubs with smaller budgets the opportunity to also enjoy the power of Sponsorbolt products.
On top of that, new tests reveal that the average advertising board of 2.5 metres (exact 2.44 metres) can easily be mounted with 5 clamps instead of 6 clamps; 3 clamps on top and 2 clamps down. So, you can order your Sponsorbolt product here!



Free whitepaper

Here we offer you our free to download whitepaper (Dutch only). In three steps you learn how your club can quickly earn at least € 25,- per advertising board extra.


Experience Box

Every Sponsorbolt clamp product has its own Experience Box. In that way you will always be able to select the ideal Sponsorbolt product for your particular situation. Every Experience Box supplies you with the following components:

•   6 x clamps of your desired Sponsorbolt product
•   6 x mounting accessories
•   1 x manual or montage-template 


Sponsorbolt in colour

Did you know that every Sponsorbolt clamp product can have its own distinctive colour? As a basis all RAL colours are available , but we can also offer you bespoke color schemes to meet your desires. Clamps in the colour of your choice are available from an additional price of 0,75 per clamp, per order volume of 500 clamps.


You have a new idea about how your future clamp should look like? Let us know, and shape the clamp of your desire together with us. When doing so we only have to conditions to make this dream come true. Your ideal Sponsorbolt product should meet the demands of this particular market - for example other sports clubs - and these socalled ‘specials’ are offered from a production volume of at least 500 clamps in a single order. You like to know more? Call us: + 31 (0) 627 - 093799


Protected against corrosion

Every Sponsorbolt product is a product for outdoor use, a product that can stand the test of time, and can also withstand 'less careful ways of handling', and various climate conditions. RoundMount as well as LightMount are protected with a premium anti-corrosion layer. CMount and ZMount received more of a standard anti-corrosion protection layer.
Despite these precautions, it is still possible that in some situations slight corrosion effects can be spotted on the surface of our products. These effects can become visible in for example sea climate conditions, when handled less careful, or in extreme bad weather conditions. These corrosion effects do not influence the essential function of our products.

Warping HPL

Almost every modern advertising board is made of High Pressure Laminate (HPL). This HPL material can warp under certain climate conditions, because it is available at a wide variety of compositions, qualities, and price tags. You like to prevent your advertising board from warping? Then we advise you to apply your printed application on both sides of the HPL material. Working with printed applications is the cheapest and most professional way to design a modern advertising board.
Although this might be the standard procedure for any modern signing company, we still like to emphasize this method. Applying the printed application double sided keeps the board climate balanced, thus preventing the board from warping.


Photo uploads

We collect pictures of our clamps holding advertising boards along your sportfields. Here you can share these photo's with us! Per upload you have a maximum of 10 pictures to share with us, otherwise 10 Mb.
Many thanks in advance!