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About mounting advertising boards with Sponsorbolt


On this page you’ll find all important documentation about the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system, like the very handy product itinerary here above. Or for example the manuals. All documents on this page are published as PDF files. The ZMount manual is the exception to the rule because this so very typical manual functions also as a mounting template. The slightest anomaly in the reproduction of this template will lead to ineffective mounting results of the ZMount advertising board mounting system. It is only for this reason you can download the ZMount manual as an example, not as a template.


New things for 2023!

Unfortunately, we must start 2023 with a price increase of € 1,- per clamp… But, we have also lowered current prices per box. Yess!! Because, when you previously bought a box of Sponsorbolt clamps they would cover over 50 metres of advertising board! The new boxes cover 25 metres. 25 metres is still a lot of advertising boards, and in this way smaller sporting clubs with tighter budgets can also enjoy the power of Sponsorbolt products.


Free whitepaper

Download the free Sponsorbolt whitepaper and quickly learn how to make € 25,- extra per advertising board.

Experience Box

Every Sponsorbolt advertising board clamp has its own Experience Box. In that way every single sports club if offered the opportunity to pick the Sponsorbolt advertising board clamp of his choice. Every Experience Box contains the following parts:

•   6 x clamps of your favorite Sponsorbolt product
•   6 x mounting accessories
•   1 x manual of mounting-template


Sponsorbolt in colour

Did you know that almost every Sponsorbolt clamp can be produced in the colour of your choice? The RAL colour palette is at your disposal, but we can also produce customized colour palettes, for example that typical brand colour of yours.
Coloured clamp are offered at an additional price of € 1,- per clamp, from 500 clamps in a single order.


You are considering Sponsorbolt but we do not offer the clamp function of your choice? No problem. Tell us which clamp function you have in mind, and we’ll find the right clamp shape for it. We only have 2 conditions before we start developping such clamp: your clamp function has to be suitable for selling to other sports clubs, and these socalled ‘specials’ are only produced from 500 clamps in a single order. Did you know that in this way RoundMount was created? Yes it was. Interested? Call Sponsorbolt R&D on: 31 (0) 627 - 093799.

Protected against corrosion

Every single Sponsorbolt product is a product that can deal with outdoor conditions, a product that is used to be outside, a product that can withstand a wide range of less caretaking actions’ and climate conditions. FlyMount and RoundMount were treated with a high impact anti-corrosion layer. CMount and ZMount are equipped with a medium impact anti-corrosion layer.



Here you’ll find all the manuals you need when buying our clamps. But beware! The ZMount manual is just an image example. Only an original Sonsorbolt ZMount manual is accurate enough to display its precise dimensions, this typical manual also functions as a drill template.

Manual Sponsorbolt LightMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt RoundMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt CMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)


Terms of delivery

Here you’ll find our generic business terms.

Terms of Delivery

Generic Terms (only in Dutch)


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. In this whitepaper you'll find new ways how to design your sporting grounds as easy, efficient, and sustainable as possible (only available in Dutch).