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Mounting advertising boards with FlyMount Shorty

FlyMount is a registered design patent, listed under BOiP | EUiPO file number 90189, Locarno classification 08-08


€ 5,95

Per clamp, 50 clamps in a box, incl. mounting accessories (for about 25 metres of advertising boards), excl. VAT and shipping.

Mounting advertising boards of any height or diameter.

FlyMount Shorty offers the same advertising board mounting technology as the FlyMount 90 and the FlyMount 60 clamps. Unlike the other two FlyMount clamps, the Shorty holds the advertising board tight against the double wire panel fence, just like CMount does. But unlike CMount, the Shorty is not depending on the H21 height format for advertising boards.

Although the Shorty lacks the HIGHLOW mounting feature (because it has no space for that), with our so-called 'bit snake' you can still mount your advertising boards on one single side of the fence. You can easily order your bit snake here.


The Shorty is faster and more versatile to use than the CMount budget clamp, as it is tightened with a single torque. Positioning the board is also easier with the Shorty than with CMount. With FlyMount Shorty, you can mount advertising boards with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm between the fence poles of your double wire panel fence. For that reason, when using FlyMount Shorty, your boards may not be longer than 2.50 meters. The FlyMount Shorty is also very suitable for mounting information - and warning signs.

Unlike the larger FlyMount 90 and FlyMount 60 clamps, the Shorty is not equipped with the HIGHLOW mounting system developed by Sponsorbolt. This makes the Shorty a fraction less agile in bulk assembly, but also a little easier to get started with.

Safety on the sports field

FlyMount is one of the most secure Sponsorbolt products that allows you to hang advertising signs on double wire mesh fences, for both players and spectators. For this reason, FlyMount and the FlyMount Shorty are ideal for playing fields that do not have modern run-off zones. Modern sports fields are always prescribed a run-off zone of 4 meters around the actual playing field, determined by the KNVB. Older sports fields do not always have this run-off zone - not least because older sports fields are often located in densely populated city centers, where there is logically less space available.

Experience Box

You can try out the FlyMount Shorty clamp first. At a modest price you will receive our Experience Box. The FlyMount Shorty Experience Box - like all other Experience Boxes - is a pleasure to work with, we have paid a lot of attention to convenience, manageability, and design. With each Experience Box you hang at least 1 advertising board. This way you can easily show the members of your club how quickly and easily FlyMount Shorty clamps work. You can order the FlyMount Shorty Experience Box here.

Sponsorbolt demo field Deventer

Would you like to see how Sponsorbolt clamps hold up in daily practice? That is also possible. Come and visit us in the Hanseatic City of Deventer, with its beautiful historic city centre. Our show field is located directly on the lazy floodplains of the IJssel river. All Sponsorbolt products are shown here, except BetaMount. Make an appointment to view our products and we will see each other soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel, in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands.

White paper

Is your sports club ready for more benefits, convenience, and a smart view into the future? Download our whitepaper now. Here you will find 3 short strategic tips on how to manage your advertising boards as easy, as efficient, and as sustainable as possible. Currently our whitepaper is only available in Dutch.