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Mounting advertising boards with FlyMount 60



Per clamp, 50 clamps in a box, incl. mounting accessories, excl. VAT en shipping

Mounting advertising boards of any height, length, or diameter.

With the FlyMount 60 clamp you can mount advertising boards quick and easy on any double wire panel fence. With the FlyMount 60 clamp, your boards are always mounted along the fence poles, so your advertising prints always fit together very nicely.

Continuous board print

Unlike the longer FlyMount 90 clamp, FlyMount 60 only guides your advertising boards along the 60 mm fence poles. Thanks to FlyMount 60, your advertising boards are mounted neatly to the fence along the side lines of the field. The FlyMount 60 clamp always gives sponsors a continuous branding image, but if you prefer to hang the advertising boards separately, that of course is possible too.

Material of the FlyMount billboard clamp

The FlyMount 60 advertising board clamp is made of high-quality European galvanized steel as standard, but can also be made from inox steel, at an additional cost. The FlyMount 60 advertising board clamp has a material diameter of 3 mm and is equipped with an integrated mounting 'bolt', which makes mounting your advertising boards lightning fast - ideal for use in the engineering and construction business of playing fields and sports parks.
The clamp its unique 'HIGHLOW' configuration offers FlyMount 60 its ultra-fast mounting method. With the FlyMount 60 clamp, the installation of your boards can be done single-sided. Walking back and fourth both sides of the fence while installing is not necessary.


HIGHLOW is a clamp configuration developed by Sponsorbolt. Both the FlyMount 90 and FlyMount 60 clamps are equipped with this feature (not present on the FlyMount Shorty).
HIGHLOW shows a small difference between the clamps on which the board rests and the clamps that lock the advertising board in at the top.
For executing minute adjustments top the LOW clamps we now offer you our socalled 'Rico' hexa key. By the way, re-adjusting mounted clamps is rarely necessary.

With HIGHLOW you stay on the side of the fence where the board is mounted. This makes FlyMount 90 extremely suitable for contractors who construct sports fields, because time is still money.

Safety on the sports field

FlyMount is one of the most secure Sponsorbolt products that allows you to hang advertising boards on double wire panel fences, for both players and spectators. For this reason, FlyMount 90 clamps are ideal to use at playing fields that do not have modern run-off zones. Modern sports fields should always be surrounded by a 4 metre run-off zone, as determined by the KNVB. Older sports fields do not always have this run-off zone, not in the least because they are often located in densely populated city centers where space is usually less available.


Experience Box

You like to try FlyMount 90 first? Every Sponsorbolt product comes with a socalled 'Experience Box', a fully featured small sample kit. All Sponsorbolt Experience Boxes are smart designed products. With 1 Experience Box you can at least mount 1 advertising board. Show the clamp of your choice to the board members of your club, and see how FlyMount attracts sponsors immediately. Here you can order the FlyMount 90 Experience box.

Sponsorbolt demo field Deventer

Would you like to see how Sponsorbolt clamps hold up in daily practice? That is also possible. Come and visit us in the Hanseatic City of Deventer, with its beautiful historic city centre. Our show field is located directly on the lazy floodplains of the IJssel river. All Sponsorbolt products are shown here, except BetaMount. Make an appointment to view our products and we will see each other soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel, in one of the most beautiful regions of the Netherlands.

White paper

Is your sports club ready for more benefits, convenience, and a smart view into the future? Download our whitepaper now. Here you will find 3 short strategic tips on how to manage your advertising boards as easy, as efficient, and as sustainable as possible. Currently our whitepaper is only available in Dutch.