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Mounting advertising boards. But where to start? Try-out first!


Yes of course! Let's try out first! If you like to use Sponsorbolt for your advertising boards, but you don’t know which Sponsorbolt product to pick, then order an Experience Box representing the Sponsorbolt product of your choice. For a fair price you can first try the clamp you have in mind. Experience Boxes make working with Sponsorbolt truly easy, you will experience the benefits of that very product immediately when installing your first advertising board. Every Experience Box was designed with utmost care when it comes to practicality, ease-of-use, and eye for detail.

Allmost all Experience Boxes are supplied with the right tools and mounting accessories, we like you to work with Sponsorbolt as fast and efficient as possible.

€ 24,95

Price includes accessory parts, and mounting tools, if relevant for the box of choice.

Experience Box
Every Sponsorbolt clamp product has its own Experience Box. In that way you will always be able to select the ideal Sponsorbolt product for your particular fence and sports field. Every Experience Box stands out when it comes to usability, functionality, and design. This will make your decision on how to choose the Sponsorbolt product of your choice much easier. If the dimensions of your Sponsorbolt clamps are adequate, then we will see to make the Experience Box fit the lowest shipping rate as possible. That does save costs, does it?!

Content Experience Box
Every Experience Box supplies you with the following components:


•   6 x clamps of your desired Sponsorbolt product
•   6 x mounting accessories
•   1 x manual or montage-template 

Features Experience Box

Every Experience Box supplies you with a complete clamping system including mounting accessories. With this system you can mount a single advertising board, just to see:

•  Wether the designated Sponsorbolt product fits you particular fence.
•  Wether the designated Sponsorbolt product fits your particular board.
•  Wether the designated mounting process fits your particular situation.
•  Wether the designated look meets your expectations.


By the way, if your sports field is marked with a more or the less standard fence, and your advertising board dimensions are equal standard, then we think that you can answer all of the questions here above with a sincere ‘yes’.

Every Experience Box is made of solid and recyclable cardboard. It protects your shipped Sponsorbolt products without any additional package material. A Sponsorbolt Experience Box is always as efficiently composed as possible. Did you order CMount? Then do not forget to peak behind the half-sized interior lid.

Manual Experience Box

Did you order the Experience Box of your choice but it didn't come with a proper manual? That is possible. We noticed that more and more users of Sponsorbolt products would like to receive the manual of their product digitally. Outside while mounting advertising boards or information signs, manuals made from paper will end up getting lost or dirty very rapidly. If you don't find a manual included, then scan the QR code in the box with your smart phone. By doing so you will always have access to the manual you need at any time.


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. In this whitepaper you'll find new ways how to design your sporting grounds as easy, efficient, and sustainable as possible (only available in Dutch).