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Mounting advertising boards to double wire panel fences.


The Double wire panel fence and the H21 size matching advertising boards

Any double wire panel is made of rods, welded in a repetitive grid of 5 cm wide and 20 cm high. Both dimensions are not by coincidence the exact same size + 1 cm the H21 advertising board height is based on: 21, 41, 61, 81 cm or higher in the same range. 
So, do you own double wire panel fences? Make sure that your advertising boards always size up to the H21 grid height, that will add to the convenience of your advertising board management, and is also the most cost-efficient. The H21 size matches the wholesale sizes of HPL board material: one slice of a factory sized panel makes two advertising boards. No H21 boards? Sponsorbolt also offers clamps for random sized advertising boards. 


6-5-6 or 8-6-8 double wire panel fences

Standard sized double wire panel fences are supplied in two varieties, the socalled '6-5-6' and '8-6-8' model.
The 6-5-6 model is made from two horizontal rods with a diameter of 6 mm, guiding a vertical rod with a diameter of 5 mm, this type of fence is often seen in Belgium.
The 8-6-8 double wire panel fence is made from 2 horizontal rods with a diameter of 8 mm, guiding a vertical rod with a diameter of 6 mm, this type of fence is often seen in The Netherlands.
With the FlyMount advertising board clamps you mount your advertising boards to both types of fence.


Your sportsclub wants to install a double wire panel fence

But then, which model to choose? Often, the technical design plan of the contractor, or the sports utility consultant shows you which model is set for your typical location. However, that is only half of what is to keep in mind, because sportsfield designers and consultants tend to think along with you as a customer, saving money installing the fence from their very own perspective. For example they will try to use of what is left of all double wire segments that could not be situated elsewhere; often these segments are non-standard sized pieces of a standard sized panel fence.

Although tempting, we ask you not to agree on this. These non-standard sized wire panels will not fit advertising boards very easy, so instead of saving money you will lose money. This rest material will cost you hundreds of Euro's per year because no proper advertising board will fit that location. So, in short, see that as many as possible standard sized advertising boards are fitted surrounding your playground. Often these are segments of 2.50 metres in length, double wire panels of 0.80 metres in height, excluding support rail.


The double wire panel and Sponsorbolt

The double wire panel fence can be supplied in many colours, and that goes for Sponsorbolt advertising board clamps as well. What really looks amazing is to order your Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting clamps in the same colour of your double wire panel fence.
And if you decide to have your clamps printed with the branding of your club then your sportsfields really stand out looking utmost professional!


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. In this whitepaper you'll find new ways how to design your sporting grounds as easy, efficient, and sustainable as possible (only available in Dutch).