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Mounting advertising boards with CMount

With Sponsorbolt CMount clamps you can mount socalled H21' advertising boards to any double wire panel fence; swift, easy, safe, and inexpensive. To mount CMount, your boards need the exact ‘H21’ height: 21, 41, 61, 81 cm, or higher in the same range. With CMount your advertising boards are automatically set on the right height, drilling holes in your board is not necessary. You like to know more about CMount advertising board mounting clamps… Watch the video!

€ 3,95

Per clamp, per 50 clamps in a box, incl. mounting accessories (for about 25 metres of advertising boards).


CMount clamps are made of quality steel, treated with a tough anti-corrosion layer. The steel is covered by a layer of zinq, intended to discolour a bit, blending in with the looks of your galvanised double wire panel fence over time - yet still protected from rust. CMount advertising board clamps are made from 3 mm thick plated steel. For that reason the clamps are very solid, capable of generating enough force to fixate any advertising board to its position.



By default the CMount advertising board mounting system is galvanised, which means that its zinq layer determines the colour of the very product, a kind of silver-ish grey. The effect of intentional discolorisation makes our product a perfect match with a standard double wire panel over time. Stunning! When you choose to have your product powdercoated, this effect of course will not occur.


CMount EXT

In order to be able to serve as many clients with as many advertising board dimensions as possible, we developped CMount EXT. CMount EXT is similar to the standard CMount product with one exception, its clamp dimensions are slightly wider then the standard Cmount product. Thanks to CMount you can clamp advertising boards with a diameter of maximum 10 mm. Further nothing special, CMount EXT is handled in a similar way as the standard CMount product, and its price is also identical to the price of the standard CMount product.

Experience Box

You like to try CMount first at a very reasonable price? Every Sponsorbolt product comes with a socalled 'Experience Box', a small sample kit that fits any mail box. All Sponsorbolt Experience Boxes are smart designed products. With 1 Experience Box you can at least mount 1 advertising board. Show the clamp of your choice to the board members of your club, and see how CMount attracts sponsors immediately. Here you order the CMount Experience Box directly.


Show field Deventer

Or would you first like to see how the features of our advertising board mounting system contribute to your daily field management? Well, that is also possible! Come and visit us in the historic ‘Hanze’ city of Deventer. Our show field is directly located right along the banks of the river IJssel. Call us to make an appointment, and we’ll meet up soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel county, in one of the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands.


A new vision into the future of advertising boards? In our free to download whitepaper you’ll find 3 tips about how to manage your advertising board management as cheap, as easy, and as sustainable as possible. Currently our whitepaper is only available in Dutch.