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Mounting information signs with BetaMount



Per bracket, 250 bracket in a single order, incl. mounting accessories, excl. VAT and shipping


Material of the BetaMount information sign bracket

BetaMount brackets are made of light but robust European galvanised steel. BetaMount is mounted next to invisible on the inside of the fence and it is designed in such a way that the clamp and its mounting parts cannot fall behind the fence during installation. Unlike ZMount you always mount BetaMount from the visible side of the fence, no need to go around the fence or grid. BetaMount brackets have a material thickness of 1.5 mm, and is completely rattle free, just like all the other Sponsorbolt products. The BetaMount bracket embodies all required drainage characteristics and can be adjusted by hand without loss of tightening force.

When attaching BetaMount to the Securifor fence you hear and feel a slight tactile 'click', then you can be sure that BetaMount is firmly mounted. And, BetaMount even fits the Securifor 'anti-grinding' fence, we supply special torques for that matter. BetaMount is only supplied in a single order of a minimum of 250 clamps.

You like to know more? Download the special BetaMount brochure, aussi disponible en français.

Bespoke bracket for information signs

BetaMount brackets are supplied in galvanised steel as a standard, and due to their special application - for example in locations with very high safety recommendations, they are available in many varieties. We can provide BetaMount with special coatings, and thanks to our innovative reproduction techniques we supply BetaMount in any desired corporate identity or color. Each and every individual BetaMount bracket can even be supplied with a chronological print per copy - in great demand when the BetaMount bracket is used in critical security locations such as prisons or military areas.


Threadlocking of the BetaMount clamp

At a small additional cost, we can provide BetaMount torques with our smart - inhouse developed - red-colored thread lock substance. "Red? Threadlocking usually is blue coloured, right?" That's correct. Our thread lock technique is UV curing and, in combination with the red color, this creates a unique curing character that is perfect for absorbing atmospheric vibrations. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell you much more about this typical thread lock technique, that remains our socalled 'kitchen secret'.
Sponsorbolt thread lock substance is pre-applied on the designated torques. This does keep your hands free for quick and easy assembly of advertising boards, information signs, and warning signs. Our thread lock supplied torques can be used several times.


BetaMount mounting template

BetaMount brackets are supplied with an ingenious bilingual mounting template, which is completely waterproof. Follow instructions and you quickly slide the BetaMount mounting template onto the right position on your board. Drill the holes as indicated and you're as good to go in a minute, because due to the bracket's integrated fixation feature, you only need the included torques for mounting the board or sign. Always straight, all lined up as desired, at any board size. Your template got damaged? You like to obtain an extra template? No problem, here you can order it quickly. Vous voudriez commander des gabarits en plus? Ils sont aussi disponible en français.


BetaMount Experience Box
If you're in doubt you can first try out BetaMount brackets. At an affordable price the BetaMount Experience Box will be sent to you right a way. Like all other Sponsorbolt Experience Boxes, the BetaMount Experience Box is a pleasure to work with. With each Experience Box you mount at least 1 information sign. In this way you can show your management and co-workers how reliable, swift and simple BetaMount brackets do their job. You order the BetaMount Experience Box simply by contacting us directly, via phone or email. By the way, since the BetaMount information sign clamp is a bespoke product, it might not always be in stock in the volume of your desire.

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