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User manuals in PDF...

On this page you’ll find all important documentation about the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system, for example the manuals. All documents on this page are published as PDF files.


The ZMount manual is the exception to the rule because this so very typical manual functions also as a mounting template, it is made from waterproof paper. On top of that, the slightest anomalies in the reproduction of this template will lead to ineffective mounting results of the ZMount advertising board mounting system.


It is only for this reason that you can download the ZMount manual only as an example, not as a template. If you like to order a genuine reproduced and waterproof Sponsorbolt ZMount template, then call us now.

Information about mounting advertising boards


Here you’ll find all the manuals to the Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system.

Technical quests? Call Sponsorbolt directly: + 31 (0) 627-093799

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Terms of delivery

Here you’ll find our terms of delivery.


As an additional service, Sponsorbolt offers you a free-of-charge whitepaper. Follow the three steps Panel, Place, and Process, and turn your advertising board management into your sport club’s greatest victory! (Up until now only available in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt CMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)

Terms of delivery Sponsorbolt (only in Dutch)

Whitepaper Sponsorbolt (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt GMount (only in Dutch)

Manual Sponsorbolt ZMount (only in Dutch)