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The Sponsorbolt advertising board mounting system is applicable to any double wire panel fence.

Sponsorbolt is a newly developed brand, thus we really like to talk to you. Then we can show you all the Sponsorbolt benefits for your field management and we will learn all about your personal desires and demands. And if we cannot supply what you’re after, we certainly can design it for you. So, start today with professionalising your advertising board management!

This is how you reach us

Any sales quest about our
advertising board mounting system?
Call W&H Sports from the city of Nieuw-Vennep. Ask for Jordy Kwaaitaal


Telephone: + 31 252 683300
Mail: info@whsports.nl


Any technical or development quest about our advertising board mounting system?
Call our product developer, Ronald Jan Veeneman


Telephone: + 31 627 093799
Mail: sponsorbolt@sponsorbolt.com


Showroom and sales

W&H Sports B.V.
Haverstraat 71
2153 GD Nieuw-Vennep
The Netherlands


Show field Deventer

Or would you first like to see how the features of our advertising board mounting system contribute to your daily field management? Well, that is also possible! Come and visit us in the historic ‘Hanze’ city of Deventer. Our show field is directly located right along the banks of the river IJssel. Call us for making an appointment, then we’ll meet up soon in one of the most beautiful cities of Overijssel county, in one of the most beautiful regions of The Netherlands.

Sportclub Deventer
Sportveldenlaan 28
7412 AZ Deventer
The Netherlands



Are you searching for even more benefits and advantages? Here you download our free whitepaper. In this whitepaper you’ll find 3 consecutive tips about how to manage your advertising board mounting system in combination with double wire panels as smart and efficient as possible. This will not only save you money, it actually will generate money for you! Up to this moment our Sponsorbolt whitepaper is only available in the Dutch language.


Technical quests? Call Sponsorbolt directly: + 31 (0) 627-093799


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